Dark Slate Chippings

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Graphite and black with gloss, ready-made, thin tiles to be laid in an aquarium or terrarium; it has smooth surface, darkens considerably in contact with water. The slate is perfect for creating caves, lining the back wall of the aquarium. It doesn't take up much space.

Size: 3-10cm
1kg = approx 25 pieces/chippings
It is completely natural and does not affect the pH of water, nor its cloudiness. It is suitable for all types of aquariums.
In contact with water, they shimmer and shine in different shades of black/grey. An additional advantage when using the decorations from our offer is the fact that the stone, due to its internal structure, contributes to the filtration of water, which enables the maintenance of a high level of its purity in the long term.
It is a perfect match for plants and other decorative stones, like roots that are also available in our wide offer. A great material for building caves / hiding places that are a kind of shelter for fish. They are very scared animals, so it is good to provide them with a place that they can easily enter and hide in when they feel threatened.
Please rinse in warm water before placing it in the aquarium. The stones should be rinsed because they can contain 5% dust.
They work as a decorative element for gardens, bio ethanol, mini terrariums, candlesticks, glass pots, flower pots, as well as for creating mosaic compositions that can be a decoration for many interiors such as bathrooms, swimming pools, and spas.