Clay Peat Balls Fertilizer

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Clay-peat-ball is a fantastic fertilizer that enriches the substrate
with the micro and macro elements. It is made of a high quality clay
mixed with peat.

After soaking in a solution of fertilizer containing:
Micro elements: Fe, Zn, Mn, Mg, Cu, B, Mo, S, Co
Macro elements: KNO3 & KH2PO4

calls are chemically cured so they do not dissolve in water before
they are placed in substrate.

Simply insert the clay-peat ball into your substrate,gravel under
plant near roots

One ball in enough for about 100cm2 (10cm x 10cm) of the bottom
surface of the aquarium.

For best results it is advised to place 2 balls for 100cm2.

Number of clay-peat balls needed for the most popular aquarium sizes:

- 40x25cm 10-20 balls
- 60x30cm 18-36 balls
- 80x35cm 28-56 balls
- 100x40cm 40-80 balls

Clay-peat balls are made from best selection of clay and peat and they
are fully safe for fish.

Additional Instructions

Balls need to be squeezed firmly into the substrate so they touch the
bottom of the aquarium.

They will feed the plants for 2-3 months, after that time fertilizing
need to be repeated.