Black Substrate 1-3mm

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Grain size: 1-3mm. Suitable for all types of aquariums in general. Every owner of underwater pets knows that decorations and aquarium substrates not only look nice, but also affect the environment of our fish. That is why it should be ensured that most of them are natural. Not artificially coloured and looks natural. It does not influence water parameters, and does not change the Gh, Kh, Ph values. The naturally substrate perfect for all types o faquariums.

At the bottom of the page, there is a calculator that allows you to calculate the appropriate amount of substrate.
This substrate ensures very good rooting and rapid growth as well as attractive appearance of plants what can be seen on the pictures in gallery. The colour of sand has an infuence on colour of fish and shrimp in the aquarium, making them more colourfull.
Product used in agriculture as a natural fertilizer supporting plant growth. In an aquarium with strong light, our substrate can have a slightly graphite shade that gives an even more natural look.
Before use, we recommend that you only pre-wash the substrate, please do not do this thoroughly because it is a never-ending work. After pouring out the substrate into the aquarium and covering it with water, a natural cloudiness may occur, which will disappear very quickly after starting the filtration