Fossilazzed Wood Rock

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Located in the central part of the aquarium and accompanied by the flora, it perfectly imitates a rocky hill. They also look good on light ground in a tank of Tanganyika (Malawi) type. Irregular edges resemble mountain peaks. It has a characteristic brown-yellow-green colour, its irregular edges resemble mountain peaks, and it has plenty of holes/ porous surface, which ensures a unique and attractive look and also makes it easier to attach epiphytic plants (microsomes, mosses, anubias)
100% NATURAL. Every owner of underwater pets knows that decorations and aquarium substrates not only look nice, but also affect the environment of our fish. That is why it should be ensured that most of them are natural.
Soft rocks looking like the skin of a reptile. It turns from green to brown and yellow. Surface-holes in one direction. One of the most popular aquascaping rocks. The dark colour combined with the irregular shape of the rock contrasts perfectly with the green colour of plants in plant aquariums and with the light ground in the rock aquariums.
An additional advantage when using the decorations from our offer is the fact that the stone, due to its internal structure, contributes to the filtration of water, which enables the maintenance of a high level of its purity in the long term.

Choosing our offer, you will receive a perfectly composed set of stones of different sizes.You can rely on our many years of experience. We select carefully selected pieces only.
Let us know if you have any individual wishes in regards to size and shape. The pictures show examples of using the stones in aquarium arrangement. Please rinse in warm water before placing it in the aquarium.

Recommend amount for different aquarium lengths:
1 kg = 5-10 pieces 5-10cm
2 kg = 5-10 pieces 5-15cm
3 - 5kg = 30cm / 1ft in length
8 - 10kg = 60cm / 2ft in length
10 - 15kg = 80cm / 2,5ft in length
15 - 20kg = 90cm / 3ft in length
20 - 25kg = 120cm / 4ft in length
40 - 50kg = 150cm / 5ft in length
50 - 80kg = 180cm / 6ft in length