Coconut Cave

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Size of approximately 4"- 5"/10cm - 12cm(1 piece)

Shells of the coconut will make a perfect addition to any type of aquarium. Natural material which will not colour the water. Perfectly safe for all types of fish. Also suitable for vivarium decoration, Hamsters, Mice & other small rodents.

Shrimp safe creatures natural biofilm growth for natural food source for the shrimp fish.

100% Natural non-toxic ,very good for growing java fern, java moss and plants in general. It can be set in different ways to create an ideal landscape in your aquarium/vivarium/terrarium.

The interior of coconut has holes which can serve as great hiding places for fish! Coconuts are recommend especially for breeding cichlids, catfish and many more! The coconut caves are also a favourite place for spawning.