White Holey Rock

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It may constitute a basic building block for aquariums with stone and rocky decor, creating beautiful backgrounds, hiding spots, substrates. Limestone is usually used to decorate Tanganyika and Malawi biotope aquariums with cichlids. You can create beautiful rock compositions that often resemble a reef and a marine aquarium, hence limestone is so popular. It is also used as a base for living rock in marine aquariums.

stabilises pH and hardens the water
-perfect for rock biotopes: Tanganyika, Malwai, Lake Victoria
-verydecorative, hollownaturally
-a large number of crannies is a hideout for the juvenile fish

On average, 1 kg of limestone occupies more than 1l by volume; 10 kg of limestone is +-12-20 l; 20 kg – +-25-40 l; 30 kg – +-40-70 l.

For larger aquariums, we recommend to purchase rocks of different types since those of inferior quality can be used as a base for an aquarium design. Choosing our offer, you will receive a perfectly composed set of stones of different sizes. You can rely on our many years of experience. We select carefully selected pieces only.
Proposed amount of stones depending on the length of a tank:
1 kg = 2-3 pieces 5-10cm
1,8 - 5 kg = 30cm / 1ft in length
8 - 10 kg = 60cm / 2ft in length
10 - 15 kg = 80cm / 2,5ft in length
15 - 20 kg = 90cm / 3ft in length
20 - 25 kg = 120cm / 4ft in length
40 - 50 kg = 150cm / 5ft in length
60 - 90 kg = 180cm / 6ft in length