Red Lava Rock

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Great natural base for building block for aquariums with stone and rocky decor, creating beautiful backgrounds, hiding spots, substrates. The interesting appearance and cavities make this kind of decoration a material which is very often used for arranging different kinds of compositions in community and plant aquariums. It is suitable for all types of aquariums.

100% NATURAL. Every owner of underwater pets knows that decorations and aquarium substrates not only look nice, but also affect the environment of our fish. That is why it should be ensured that most of them are natural.It is completely natural and does not affect the pH of water, nor its cloudiness. It is suitable for all types of aquariums.It is completely natural and does not affect the pH of water. Please rinse in warm water before placing it in the aquarium.

It is a perfect match for plants and other decorative stones, roots that are also available in our wide offer. A great material for building caves / hiding places that are a kind of shelter for fish. They are very scared animals, so it is good to provide them with a place that they can easily enter and hide in when they feel threatened.

Located in the central part of the aquarium and accompanied by the flora, it perfectly imitates a rocky hill. They also look good on light ground in a tank of Tanganyika (Malawi) type. It has a characteristic brown and red colour, its irregular edges resemble mountain peaks, and it has porous structure , which ensures a unique and attractive look and also makes it easier to attach epiphytic plants (microsomes, mosses, anubias)

Choosing our offer, you will receive a perfectly composed set of stones of different sizes. You can rely on our many years of experience. We select carefully selected pieces only.The dark colour combined with the irregular shape of the rock contrasts perfectly with the green colour of plants in plant aquariums and with the light ground in the rock aquariums.