Red Moor Wood Premium Pieces Different Sizes

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Red Moor Wood
SIZE is lenght of one single longest side.
Woods will be chosen randomly or with some slight suggestions from our customers in terms of preferences. 99% of our offers satisfy the tastes of our customers.

Roots are very attractive decorative elements in freshwater aquariums. They also have a biological function and are useful for ecosystem of our aquarium. They provide shelter for fish and constitute a natural element necessary for algae eaters. They introduce natural tannins into the water, which acidify the water gently and inhibit algae proliferation in a natural way. Initially, the roots can be covered with a white coating. It is not hazardous. It is willingly eaten by prawns and algae eating fish.

Not every root sinks immediately. Lighter pieces need a little more time.To speed up this process, we recommend to attach the root to the bottom with a fly line or press it with some decoration / stone (many of them are included in our offer).

Every owner of underwater pets knows that decorations and aquarium substrates not only look nice, but also affect the environment of our fish. That is why it should be ensured that most of them are NATURAL.

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