How to take care of your home aquarium?

How to take care of your home aquarium?

Well-maintained and a clean aquarium is an interesting decoration for any room, and if properly exposed will quickly become its central point. However, to make it look like it should, we must put a lot of work into its proper care. Each element - plants, water and, of course, fish - requires our constant attention. It is worth spending time on these aspects of decoration as they are an outstanding addition to any living space. In the text below we present a handful of simple tips on how to take care of the aquarium.

First of all, "tenants"

Fish, although they are not "part of" the aquarium, they are its most important element. It is underneath them that we arrange the aquarium, so let us try to make it meet all their needs. Some species (e.g. Green Ethiopian) live in studs, so let's take care of buying at least 4-5 pieces. Let's also make sure that we provide them with the right amount of water for their species and size (it shouldn't be less than 1 liter per 1 cm of fish body). Feeding should be adjusted to the nutritional needs of our fish. When feeding, do not overdo it. If we add too much of it, some will not be eaten and, decomposing, will pollute the water. The optimal solution is to divide the daily food ration into 2-3 portions. Regular inspection is very important. At least once a day, let's check whether our watery friends are vigorous and show no signs of disease.

Aquarium and its decoration

The first thing - let's keep the aquarium filter in a good condition. However, in order not to destroy beneficial bacteria, it should be rinsed in aquarium water. Such a procedure should be performed at least once every 3 months. Aquarium plants should be pruned from time to time and sometimes even thrown away (to prevent them from growing too much). First of all, remove those parts that are yellowing or look dead and rotting. The same applies to algae. These tiny, growing glass plants need to be removed regularly, as they develop very quickly and spoil the appearance of our aquarium. Pebbles on the bottom should be removed at least once a week and washed once every few weeks with clean water.

Oxygen for us and for them

By making sure that the fish have clean and oxygenated water, we ensure their health and well-being. At least once a week you should replace around a third of the water that is in the aquarium. The installation of an appropriate filter helps to keep the water clean and oxygenated. The water temperature should be kept within the range of 20-25 degrees, and the pH level should oscillate around 6.5-7.5. Special testers, available in pet and aquatic stores, are used to monitor these reactions. Remember that regardless of the quality of equipment, nothing can replace responsibility and conscientious care. So if we want our home aquarium to attract the eyes of our guests and make our time at home/work more pleasant, let's devote some of our attention to care procedures.

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